ThesisAwesome.com is a new membership website for Thesis Themes customized skins. The idea of creating this site came into my mind after I bought Thesis Themes developer option and started to use it on one of my blogs, after spending some time working on the blog design, my blog became more popular, and my readers still asking me what Theme I am using, the answer was Thesis Themes plus my unique and fully customized skin, yes it’s a fully customized skin that I’ve made for Famous Bloggers, and for me… It was a big start of a new design business.

We’ve decided to think different than others who created similar membership sites and services for Thesis Themes. I always think of the client before thinking of myself, this is why I came up with what I call it a great service and affordable membership! I even contacted a few of top niche Thesis Themes web designers and I asked them to give me an opinion about Thesis Themes, I wanted to know and learn more about Thesis, then transfer this knowledge to those who are looking for it and want to enhance their blog designs.

Now, that I’ve started ThesisAwesome.com, I’am having a lot of fun working with my clients and supporting them, it’s really cool to see a new blog everyday with a unique custom design made using one of my skins frameworks!

Check out our Thesis Skins Gallery.

Join me in this interesting experiment, get a unique skin for your Thesis blog, and let’s work together.


Hesham Zebida